Virtual Games

Akron Bridge Association will hold virtual games on BridgeBase as noted below.  All games are open except Friday at 10:30 AM.  Use this link to find the BBO screen name of players in Unit 107 & 213.

Dick Early will provide a lesson the first Tuesday of every month at 5 PM.

Dates for the next 6 months are shown below.  
Use this link to access his lessons via Zoom.  Use this link for
Dick's post game analysis.
Handouts are included via links next to the dates if available.
If needed, the Meeting ID for Dick's lesson is 830 7831 5398.  The meeting pass code is 767000

Use this link to add these dates and the Zoom link to your electronic calendar.
Nov 3, 2020 Opening Leads Example Hands   Lesson Work Sheet
Movie of Dick's Lesson Nov 3, 2022  Pass Code - u^nc3azA
Dec 1, 2020  
Lesson Handout
Jan 5, 2021
Feb 2, 2021
Mar 2, 2021
Apr 6, 2021

Convention Card & Self Alert/announce  PW: CC+27Jul

Dick Early review of hands, Sept 1, 2020  PW: Dick+Sep1

Dick Early review of hands, Sept 22, 2020  PW: Dick#22Sep

When you register for a game, if you don't have a partner, there is a 'partnership desk' tab you can click.  If someone is looking for a partner they can find you there.

For questions about the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday night & Friday games, email or call Cathy Taylor (330-289-8754).

Monday at 6:30 pm - Cathy's Firestone

Tuesday at 2:00 pm - Fairlawn Bridge Club  Questions to Jim Fasnacht 330-703-8174

Tuesday at 6:30 pm - Quirk/Canton DBC

Wednesday at 2:00 pm - Canton DBC

Thursday at 2:00 pm - Fairlawn Bridge Club  Questions to Jim Fasnacht 330-703-8174

Thursday at 6:30 pm - Quirk/Canton DBC

Friday at 10:30 am Quirk/Canton (0-100) limited game.  All must have an ACBL # linked to their BBO name to play.

Friday at 6:30 PM Akron Unit game (open)  6:30 time is effective Nov 13, 2020
Friday at 6:30 PM  Firestone Cathy's 499ers

Saturday at 12 noon Quirk/Canton DBC