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Mentoring Program

Mentor/Mentee Roster    Mentor/Mentee Duties     Game Approval Form

Welcome to the newly revised Akron Unit Mentoring Program guidelines.  This program is available to all unit members. The primary objective of the program is to match less experienced players with more experienced players so that in playing together the Mentee can gain knowledge, confidence, and assistance to enjoy our wonderful game even more!  The Mentee must have less than 200 master points at the start of the programThe Mentor must be a life master with at least 500 points.

The commitment will be for 6 sessions in a 3-month timeframe.  Mentor’s and Mentee’s will be assigned by a random drawing.  The games will be offered in any club in the Unit that offers computerized scoring and produces printouts of the hand play as well as on the live results website.  The Mentee will be responsible for informing the game manager of an eligible game, by presenting the manager with a Game Approval Form (Doc.#1) that will include the manager’s name and signature.  After the Mentee accumulates 6 games, the Mentee will give the form to the Unit Mentor/Mentee Chairperson.

All Mentees must complete the 2020 Mentee Sign-up Form (Doc.#2).  It contains some ideas for setting a few preestablished goals to work on with your mentor.  After completing the form, it should be returned to the Unit Mentor/Mentee Chairperson.

Any life master who is interested in becoming a Mentor needs to complete the 2020 Mentor sign-up Form (Doc.#3).  After completion, it should be returned to the Unit Mentor/Mentee Chairperson.  As incentive to be a Mentor, the Mentor will be given 1 free game voucher to be used at any Akron Unit Sectional game for every 3 games mentored.  Successful completion of this program will result in a Mentor receiving 2 free game vouchers!  In addition, the game manager will be lowering a Mentor’s stratification by 1 level as incentive for playing with a less experienced player.

In order to qualify for the free games, a Mentor will need to commit to coaching the Mentee in whatever areas the Mentee agrees to work on.  In addition, a Mentor will need to make time to review the results of the game ASAP upon the completion, at an agreed upon place and time including over-the-phone with hand printouts or on the website.  Both Mentor and Mentee should refrain from discussion of a particular hand during the game by having the Mentee circle any hand that may need discussion.  At the end of the program, a Mentor should provide feedback to the Mentee against any preestablished goals that were developed.

 Upon completion of the program, the Unit will hold an event with pizza etc. to discuss and provide feedback on ways to continue to improve the program.

When does it start?  The first 3-month program begins on Saturday, February 1, 2020.

Sign up NOW!  The deadline to sign up for this initial program as a Mentor or Mentee is Friday, January 17, 2020.

Questions:  Contact Bruce Cahoon at 330-322-5984 or sagamore19@roadrunner.com