IMP League

Akron International Match Point League

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The 2020 On-Line IMP League will not use '8 is enough'

See 2020 rules Listed Below

The IMP League is a team event (schedule below) in which teams are made up of 4, 5 or 6 players, though only 4 members play at the same time. Like in a Swiss Teams event, two team members sit North/South at one table and the other pair sits East/West at the other table. The same boards are played at both tables. The score for each board is made by comparing results at both tables.

Matches are scored based on the ACBL's International Match Point scale (IMP). The winner will be the team with the highest total IMP's. The difference in IMP's scored is converted to Victory Points. Your Director can explain exactly how this works, if you have any questions.

IMP League teams are made up using 'Eight is Enough', where A players have 2000+ Master Points, B players 750-2000 MP and C players 0-750 MP. Each A player on a team is counted as 3 points, B's are 2 and C's 1. A team can be made up of any combination of A, B or C players so long as the team total is 8 or less.

Akron IMP League Teams will be bracketed based on the Master Points of the top 4 team members. Each match in brackets A & B will be handicapped by the team members actually playing that night using an ACBL formula.  Bracket C matches will not be handicapped as all participants are relatively close in Master Points.

IMP League matches are run on a Zero Tolerance, Play Nice standard. There will always be good hospitality available to add to the social aspect of the night.

2020 Akron IMP League